Father’s Day 2022

Jun 16, 2022 | Community Guest Blog

After a winter that seemed to go on forever, all of a sudden it is the middle of June, and Father’s Day is this weekend.

Father’s Day looks different for every family. Maybe you celebrate the great dads in your lives, maybe it’s the Uncles, Grandpa’s, or Brothers that you celebrate. Maybe it’s a family friend who is the center of your Father’s Day.   Regardless of the who, how, and where you celebrate this weekend, there are some really great geared to men resources we want to share with you.

https://headsupguys.org/  is a project of the University of BC. The website provides “health strategies for managing and preventing depression”, has a section for friends and family to learn how they can support the men in their lives, and much more.

https://menshealthfoundation.ca/ is a Canadian site.  This website has a link to their podcast, a mindful toolkit, and a “Men’s Health Check”.

https://dontchangemuch.ca/  is also a Canadian site. “The Canadian Men’s Health Foundation, a national non-profit organization, created Don’t Change Much as a campaign to inspire men and their families to lead healthier lives. With reliable information and easy tips, we know every family can make small changes that will have a big impact on their health.”

https://cmha.ca/ is the Canadian Mental Health Association website. It has lots of great information on mental health, strategies to support your mental health, and how to support the mental health of your friends and family.  There are also likes to CMHA’s in the area.

https://mantherapy.org/ is an American resource with American statistics but it is full of interesting articles, and humor to make it enticing to read, and Dr. Rich Mahogany, Man Therapist (Dr. Mahogany is not a real therapist).  This website has more of a suicide prevention focus.

https://embracinglifesk.com/ – The Embracing Life Initiative is a call for action to reduce suicide by sharing the strengths of northern communities (in Saskatchewan) and working together through healthy life promotion, suicide prevention, intervention, and postvention.

https://www.lloydminstermentalhealth.ca/ is a local resource that “will guide you to useful information and resources that provide strategies to help manage stress and difficult emotions; practical ideas on how to build your resilience so you can cope with life’s challenges and move forward from difficult times”.

And finally, the YLLMyHome video from 2017 for Father’s Day starring local dads, grandpa, and other great men in the community. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ve1Ao0Lwly4&list=PLCprK9DvUSuQ9IAuQ1nsVldX0XR6CtmXa

Take some time this weekend or next weekend or anytime you have a few minutes to check out these resources and share what you learn with your family, friends, coworkers, and neighbors.


Submitted by:

Bonita Brick