An Influential Generation Podcast – Youth’s Perspective on the Impact of the Tobacco and Vaping Industry

May 24, 2022 | Community Guest Blog

An Influential Generation first started as a program created with YllMyHome, that uses evidence-based research and best practices to educate youth on informed decision-making and how to use their influence to affect change in public health. Currently, the program includes presentations on vaping and alcohol, with more in the works.  We have trained amazing youth in our community who now use the program to give peer-to-peer presentations in middle schools. 

Excited by the incredible responses the program has received, we wanted to create more opportunities to empower youth in our community.

An Influential Generation Podcast is an opportunity to hear from community members – and especially youth, to discuss the impact from the tobacco and vaping industry.  It is an informational podcast which will talk about tobacco and vaping, the challenges of nicotine addiction, and shed some light on issues affecting the citizens of Lloydminster.  This podcast will create awareness and education to promote a tobacco free future in Lloydminster and to engage individuals in sharing their experience to inspire others to choose to be tobacco-free. 

Our goal for this podcast is to increase the knowledge about the harms associated with tobacco & vaping.  Build the assets and skills of youth participating as presenters, podcasters and social media file development. 

What to expect from the first and second season?

Season One the episodes will focus on the challenges and impact of nicotine addiction. Youth share their perspective on how they are the target of the tobacco and vaping industry and how they have been impacted or people they are connected to/community have been impacted.

Season Two we are mentoring youth to take over as the hosts so they can have open conversations throughout the community on topics that are important to them.  They will continue to collect stories on nicotine addiction and start to look at the impacts of alcohol use on individuals and community. 

The first season will be launched on May 25th, World No Tobacco Day.  We hope you will listen in to these powerful conversations and remember, all youth are part of An Influential Generation!  If you are interested in learning more about this initiative, please reach out to [email protected].com.


Submitted by:

Kim Tradewell, member of yllmyhome