Convos To Have

Convos To Have

Awkward conversations. Things that make you cringe. Parenting styles that just don’t match with what you want for your kids. It’s just part of life. We are here to help support you feeling more confident to have some of the conversations.

Keep the Conversation Open!

What do you notice about alcohol in your world? And what would you like to see changed?

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“Tips for Talking With Your Child: How to Build Healthy Relationships, Including Dating Relationships” is a booklet for parents that provides 9 tips and links to additional resources. To download and/or order a copy of the booklet, please visit:

The report, “Tips for Talking With Your Students: How to Build Healthy Relationships, Including Dating Relationships” is an online resource for educators working with you and is available for download at:

A related booklet is available for youth, titled “Building Healthy Relationships: Yes, that includes dating relationships!” This booklet can be used by adolescents, including younger adolescents who may not be dating yet. It provides information about how to build healthy relationships of any kind (e.g., friendships, relationships with family, dating relationships), as well as information specific to healthy dating relationships. This free booklet is available for order or download at:

Conversations to Have – #WeTalked

Continue the conversation about the dangers of underage drinking!

Conversation starters to help you talk with your kids!

Even more info on Why to and How to Talk to your kids:

Prevention by Connecting with your Kids and All Kids in our Community