New Website Launch for YllMyHome!

Dec 13, 2021 | Community Guest Blog

We have officially launched our new YllMyHome website!  We have had our own little space on the internet for a while now.  In fact, we have been present online since 2008.  Just like other committees, we have changed and evolved through the years.  We originally started out as LADS (Lloydminster Area Drug Strategy) and have now been YllMyHome since 2015.  We are excited for you to take a look at the site and let us know what you think!

A little background of where we came from.  When we started the LADS committee our main focus was how to help the community’s growing use of drugs, substance abuse and the impact they had on the community-at-large.  A growing body of data confirmed an increase of substance abuse among young people and the adult community.  The RCMP were sometimes limited in their ability to enforce the law and social support agencies were overwhelmed by social problems resulting directly and indirectly from the use of illegal drugs and substance abuse.  It was an issue that needed to be recognized and addressed by the whole community.  Our online presence at this time was focused more on how to identify drugs, how to support families, schools, agencies and identify what work was happening provincially.  

In 2015, LADS implemented an action committee, YllMyHome to support project works that focused on community well-being with a strong lens on addiction prevention.  

Our Mission:  “Working to make Lloydminster a safe, caring community where residents are engaged and work together to promote overall health & wellness.”

Vision:  “Creating a community where kids can grow up great.  Every Kid.  Every Day.”

We refreshed the website to be more centered around this approach.  It changed to and was used to showcase our project work with community partners in the community.  Some of the project work focused on; developmental assets, responsible social hosting, mental health supports and Simple Connections, Stronger Families.  This was also where we first introduced our resource lending library and just like so many others worked through what legalized cannabis and the new widely accessible vapes would mean for our families and community.

Now it is 2021 and we knew a refresh was needed again!  This new website was launched just this past week.  We are ready to help you with those things that still challenge us all in our roles as friends, supporters, parents and community members.  We are still focusing on our project work with our community partners.  We are excited for the refresh to our lending library and our approach to our newest addition, the Guest Blog posts!  We are inviting our board members and community partners to submit an article that talks about issues that they are addressing as an agency.  Their role in supporting YllMyHome and how we can work together to promote the overall wellness of our community, Lloydminster.  We welcome guest blog posts from outside of our committee membership as well!  If you would like to talk about how you are working to support our community in some positive way, we want to hear about it!  Please submit your post inside our new website.  It is located on our community page.  Here is the link;  We hope that this will inspire and educate others to join in on creating a community where kids can grow up great!

We hope you like the new site, find resources that are helpful and find it easy to navigate.  If you have any questions or concerns, see something missing or would like to add.  Please send us a message at [email protected] or shoot us a message on Instagram @yllmyhome.

Submitted by:
Kim Tradewell
Saskatchewan Health Authority