How To Support Others Leading With Empathy

May 3, 2022 | Community Guest Blog

How to support Mental Health Awareness today, this week, this month, this year?

The CMHA’s  (Canadian Mental Health Association) Mental Health Awareness message for May 2022 is all about Empathy.  

What is Empathy?  

“Empathy. It’s the capacity we share as human beings to step into each other’s shoes. To understand where they’re coming from and what they’re feeling. To listen hard and refuse to judge. It’s also one way to reduce and resolve conflict.” CMHA

Why should we care?  

A new survey from March 2022 that was released from researchers from the University of British Columbia and CMHA (Canadian Mental Health Association), indicate a reduction in empathy in Canadians from pandemic fatigue. Canadians have lost the ability to show empathy towards others is down 13% from 23% (onset of COVID-19). In addition to this, there is also an overall decrease in mental health, by 37%.

The combination of loss of connection and the fear of getting sick has taken its toll on us all.  So how can we support others, if we don’t have the ability to actually help others feel seen and heard? We have to understand that when someone is hurting and in need of help, the first step is to not fix all the things, but to listen and to see the world as they truly see it.  

Where do we go from here? We can continue to learn how to be more empathetic. It is a skill, a muscle that needs to be exercised. It can help us support others, communicate better, lead with compassion, reduce divisions and help build healthy positive relationships with others.    

We all know that the pandemic has left its mark on us.  Let’s try to move forward and rebuild connections that have been lost. Learn to be more open minded to someone else’s situation. Learn to appreciate each other’s differences. Learn to not lead with trying to fix all the things, but rather to be ready and prepared to listen.  

What are you doing to support your friend, your mom, your neighbor, your co-worker today, this week, this month?  Check out the resources below and remember that what matters is that we are taking the time to genuinely care. 


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