You are the first generation to be targeted by the vape industry. You have firsthand or lived experience about what it is like to be a young person walking into a bathroom that someone was vaping in. Or what it is like being tempted by the flavours. We have a lot we can learn from you and we also have ways we can support you. Vapes are new but the tactics used to get young people hooked aren’t.

If you are more likely to do your own research on vaping, ensure you are getting information from organizations that understand best practices and know what relationship the website may have to someone who financially benefits from the sale of vapes.


Does it scare you to see young kids vaping? If your child had a vape in their bag, would you recognize it? Does the work ‘vapor’ make you wonder if they are as dangerous as they are made out to be?

Parents of teens have had a lot of new challenges to face around addictive substances that we didn’t have as youth. Let us help you feel confident in helping your child make good choices.


Lung Sask has developed vaping presentations to schools.  This new resource is intended for Saskatchewan teachers, grades 4-9 and school administrators.  Included are videos, teacher guides and a factsheet which; aligns with the provincial health education curriculum, includes Saskatchewan voices, eduates staff and admin on current federal and provincial vaping products/regulations, and provides information to support youth decision making.  The resources are available here:  LungSask.

Youth Perspective:

Young Adult Perspective:

Vaping In-Person Presentation:

Youth PSA on Vaping: