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Are you planning a party? There are a few responsibilities you have as a host that you might not be aware of.

#yllsocialhosting provides resources so you can have a fun and safe holiday season.


If you are planning to host a function, you are responsible for the premises and your guests. Here are some hosting tips to ensure your function is a success. Visit our Facebook page to learn more!

– Before your function begins, plan how your guests will get home safely.
– Serve drinks yourself or designate a bartender instead of having an open bar.
– Offer a selection of non-alcoholic beverages and serve food.
– As the function winds down, stop serving alcohol.

The holiday season is full of time spent with friends and family, lots of eating (and drinking), as well as enjoying a variety of festive activities! We want you to show us how you make the most of this season, by sharing an image of how you keep your social hosting responsible!

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