Simple Connections, Stronger Families

What does Simple Connections Stronger Families look like?

It’s okay for kids to freakout, when emotions run high and they’re dealing the only way they can. Help your child understand and express their emotions #scsf #shareyourstory

We all cherish those first moments after the main part of our day is done when we get to catch up with our loved ones! How are you part of your child’s activities and school community? #scsf #shareyourstory

This weekend as we’ve spent time with our families what did your elders teach you? Maybe they shared a story from ‘back in my day’ or taught you how to make their famous pie! All those little moments add up to big moments #scsf #shareYourStory #familyTime

Who likes to scrapbook? ? In this world of digital there’s something special about creating a family photo album together! #scsf #simpleConnectionsStrongerFamilies #shareYourStory

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The following Simple Connections resources are available for purchase:

  • 8 X 10 Puzzle
  • 16 x 20 Puzzle
  • 48 x 96 Giant Puzzle
  • 57 x 88 Floor Cloth
  • 18 x 36 Fabritac Poster
  • 24 x 48 Fabritac Poster

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8×10 & 16×20 PUZZLES


Building Resilience Project: Phase 1

Building Resilient Families by Promoting Positive Mental and Physical Health

For Immediate Distribution

AHS – Central Zone Addiction Prevention and Mental Health Promotion has developed an evidence-based resource to support families to build their resilience by learning ways to promote positive mental and physical health. The resource includes encouragement to create a healthy routine and simple, creative ways to Move Your Body, Practice Mindfulness, Expand Your Mind, and Fuel Your Body. It also includes resources to help parents talk to their children about COVID-19 and where to go for information and support.

For individuals working directly with families, feel free to use sections of the resource that will benefit them the most – perhaps they need to focus on using their breath to lower symptoms of stress and anxiety, understand their feelings, build their sense of togetherness, or find creative ways to move and fuel their body. We recommend using the resource to build their knowledge and skills and to assist them in developing a regular routine.

Please distribute this resource to your community partners, network, and families you are connected to. Working together, we will build resilience in every community so that together, we will bounce forward from this difficult time.

Building Resilience Project: Phase 2 coming soon!

Social Media Toolkit: Simple Messages to promote Positive Mental and Physical Health

Thank you for the work you do to support families and create a healthier future for Albertans.

For more information, please contact:

Denise Fredeen
[email protected]

Lorelee Marin
[email protected]

Rania Page
[email protected]

Tammy Richard
[email protected]

Important health helpline phone numbers in Alberta: