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‘Calm Kids’ – An Introductory Mindfulness Program for K-12 Students

Mindfulness is a way for students to pay attention to the present, both in the world around them and within their own bodies and minds.
In these ‘Calm Kids’ introductory mindfulness sessions, students will be exposed to a variety of mindfulness tools and tricks for both students and teachers. The goal of this program is to empower youth with mental tools to help manage stress, improve focus, and sort through emotions, leading to healthier schools and communities-at-large.
Students will leave with a range of mindfulness techniques to use both on their own and in larger groups. These tools will help students with their academics, and can be practically applied to all other areas of their lives. Teachers and support staff will leave with the ability to introduce such exercises as regular routines in the classrooms, and in one-on-one settings.
These sessions will be tailored to the grade (K-12) of the students in attendance and can be adjusted for any level of familiarity with mindfulness, breathing routines, meditation, and yoga. This program can be adjusted for time available and split over multiple classrooms, or lengthened for a full class period with the same group of students.

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Crystal Charbonneau

Crystal is a yoga, meditation, and mindfulness teacher based in Lloydminster, AB/SK. Her passion is teaching people of all ages mindfulness tools and accessible ways to work within their own bodies while calming the mind. Clients include youth, expecting mothers, athletes, people recovering from injuries, recovering addicts and her own children. She received her 200-hour yoga teacher training from Jai Kai & Aman Rai of Sacred Seed Yoga. Crystal teaches daily yoga and meditation classes out of the Divine Healing and Holistic Centres Yoga & Meditation studio space, visit the Nevermind Wellness website for more information

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Jenni Dunkeld

Jenni is a 500hr registered Yoga teacher in Lloydminster. She was first brought to her mat to de-stress and get a good stretch but noticed immediately the benefits of yoga went far beyond the physical. She took her initial 200hr Yoga teacher training in the fall of 2016, followed by additional training in Restorative Yoga, Kids Yoga and 300hr advanced yoga teacher training in 2017. She is a mother to 3 children and teaches public and private Yoga classes at Oasis Hot Yoga in downtown Lloydminster, including kid’s yoga. Jenni believes yoga is for everyone and teaching yoga to children and teens is all about planting seeds of mindfulness that will continue to benefit them their entire lives.

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